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At Ramsden Infant School we know that technology is everywhere and will play a critical part in all our pupils’ lives. We want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively and safely.

Our curriculum offers children a range of opportunities to become creative and analytical thinkers by discovering ways to solve problems. Children will be able to confidently apply skills from other subjects and apply their computing skills to other areas. The use of ICT will empower children to deepen their learning and understanding of not only computer programming and systems but also their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This will allow all children to understand both the positive and negative influences which computing technology can have on our daily lives.

We aim to:

  • Allow the children to secure knowledge and skills, which will enable them to use computational thinking and creativity to understand changes in the world
  • Ensure all of our children are able to safely and responsibility access digital learning in a meaningful way and use it to support them as they grown as learners
  • Encourage our children to be creators not consumers of technology
  • Encourage our children to enjoy and value the high quality computing curriculum that we deliver which is fully inclusive and accessible to every child
  • Allow children to develop computer skills to enable them to become confident, creative and inquisitive learners who are able to be critical and challenge themselves
  • Broaden our children’s world through computing, using technology as a tool to open up doors to our children’s learning and experiences


Our computing curriculum recognises that ICT provides a wealth of learning opportunities across the curriculum in subjects including art, DT, maths, geography, science and English.  We use technology where appropriate to ensure pupils are motivated and inspired in all areas of the curriculum.  Teachers use the school curriculum progression document to plan lessons that build skill and knowledge from Early years through to Key Stage One.

Early Years

In Early Years, computing is taught fluidly throughout the Early Years Curriculum.  Computing resources are available for children to access during continuous provision.  Our children have access to a class set of iPads, experiment with pulley toys and lift the flap books and have access to Beebots to being experimenting with Computer Science.

Key Stage One

Throughout Key Stage One, computing is taught once a week discretely and as regularly as possible in support of other areas of the curriculum.  We base our teaching on the Computing National Curriculum which comprises of three main elements; Digital Literacy, Information Technology and Computer Science.  Knowledge and skills are taught progressively, allowing the children to embed their learning over time.

Our children have access to a bank of iPads and class set of laptops.  We use Scratch Junior, Chrome Music Lab, j2e and Paintz app.  We have interactive whiteboards in every classroom which further enable and enhance learning.

We teach e-safety as an explicit part of our curriculum through KidSafe sessions.  We discuss issues such as; keeping personal information private, trusting people and sources online, treating others online as we would in real life, posting images online and what to do if anything makes the children feel uncomfortable online.


Knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more are indicators of progress. Children should be prepared for their next stage of learning. Impact is measured by the child’s progress against their expected outcomes and their ability to meet the key aims of the National Curriculum for Computing.  Teachers regular assess children and keep the subject lead informed. 

After the implementation of the computing curriculum, children at Ramsden will be digitally literate and able to join the rest of the world on its digital platform.  They will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to use technology effectively and safely.