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Lunch & Milk

School meals can be ordered through School Hub and are free for Infants.

Free milk is available for all children under the age of five in school, funded by the UK government. Children over the age of 5 and entitled to benefits-based free school meals will also receive free milk.  

When your child turns 5, milk continues to be available at a subsidised cost of approximately £18 per term. Our milk supplier is Cool Milk.  

What you need to do:

If your child is currently under 5
  • We have registered your child for their free school milk on your behalf by providing Cool Milk with your child’s name and date of birth. Please let us know if your child has any allergies/intolerances.
  • Simply register and make payment with Cool Milk at least 10 days before your child turns 5 in order to continue with the scheme. Visit 
If your child is aged 5 or over
  • Visit and go to ‘Register your child for milk here’ option on the main home page 

After registration, you may then make a pre-payment via your online account for the remaining half term, term or academic year. You can also simply choose your own specified amount, should you wish to do so.