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Year 1


Our curriculum is varied, exciting, action packed and inclusive!  Our intention is that our curriculum raises aspiration, gives children opportunities and opens their eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment.  We aim to develop our children into resilient, adventurous, curious learners who have a positive attitude to school and the determination to succeed.  Our curriculum encourages children to take risks and learn and grow from the mistakes they make.

Our topic plans show the skills, knowledge and understanding we expect the children to have achieved by the end of Key Stage One and will equip them for the next stage of their learning and their future lives.


The National Curriculum subjects are all taught through topics.  Teaching through topics allows the children to put their skills, knowledge and understanding to good use in lots of real life situations.  We understand the importance of sequence in learning, knowledge, skills and vocabulary and this is carefully planned into our curriculum.  Reading is given a high priority in our curriculum. We know it is the ability to read and understand which opens up learning for children and a world of opportunity.  We aim for all our children to be competent readers that have developed a love of books by the time they leave us.  Phonics is taught discreetly through the Phonic Phases and building on the learning in our Early Years curriculum.


Teachers regularly assess children’s knowledge and understanding to ensure progress is being made and inform future planning. Assessment can take many forms from effective questioning to end of unit summative assessments. Termly pupil progress meetings are held to discuss the progress the children are making and decide next steps to ensure progress is being made, gaps identified and support or changes to curriculum content and delivery applied. Pupils with special educational needs or disabilities are well-supported in school with a curriculum, resources and interventions that meet their specific needs. Ramsden Infant and Nursery School is an inclusive school, committed to ensuring all children, wherever possible, are provided with what they need to thrive, and achieve what we believe each child is capable of.

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